FANDOM is a fan site that archives information and merchandise relating to Batman / Batman Returns. The site specializes in pictorial/video reviews relating to toys and figures based on the films, specifically the products of Kenner. There is also a vast library of magazine scans from publications like Entertainment Weekly, Comics Interview, Cinefex and American Cinematographer.

The site posted a exclusive interview with makeup artist Nick Dudman in 2013. Rare promotional slides and press kit videos were posted in celebration of the first film's 25th anniversary during the summer of 2014. Internet journalists latched on to the press ket videos when looking for potential click-bait relating to the topic on June 23rd. Notable sites that posted stories about it included Yahoo, io9 and The Verge.[1] WB credited the site's owner and maintainer James Sawyer, in the blu-ray feature Birth of the Modern Blockbuster for the "Diamond Luxe" edition released that fall.


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