The first variation of the many batsuits worn by Bruce Wayne.



This is the first known batsuit created by Wayne. Next to nothing is known about the materials used or how it was made. It was created after studying many different types of bats from cultures all over the world.

Throttling Nick & EddieEdit


Using the silhouette of the armor to strike terror

Bruce first used the suit as Batman to scare two thugs named Nick and Eddie after he witnessed them mugging a family in the dark alley of Gotham when the father rejected the thug begging for money. The suit is impervious to bullets but it knocks the wearer of their feet. He also used his batarang gauntlet rope to pull the thug Nick close to him.

Raid on Axis Chemicals Edit

The suit was used again when Batman arrived at Axis Chemicals to apprehend Jack Napier. Commissioner Gordon also wanted Napier to be taken alive instead of being killed. Batman also fought Napier's men. He then used his Grapple Gun to shoot a rope on a thug and pull him down to be hanged. When Napier was about to shoot Gordon, Batman saved him and grabbed Napier but was forced to let him go when the goon Bob held Gordon at gunpoint. Napier shot and killed Max Eckhardt a corrupt Police Detective that was on Carl Grissom's payroll. When he tried to shoot Batman he deflected the bullet and caused it to ricochet and hit Napier in the face. Napier then fell over and into a vat of chemicals despite Batman's attempts to save him. This would cause Napier's transformation into The Joker.

Saving Vicki Vale Edit


The suit was used again when Bruce realized that he wasn't meeting Vicki Vale at The Flugelheim Museum and that it was trap set for her by The Joker. Batman crashed through the skylight and rescued Vicki using his line launcher and escaped out the doors. He then used the Batmobile in a car chase through Gotham but was forced to stop the car at an under construction area. He then ran through the alleyways with Vicki until he used his Grapple Gun to have her hide on a bridge off of two buildings while he confronted Joker's thugs. Just like how it deflects bullets the suit also is impervious to swords and knifes. Batman also has a voice remote that controls the Batmobile.

Return to the Batcave Edit

Batman after escaping Joker's thugs drove back to the Batcave with Vicki in the Batmobile. He then gave her information on hygiene products that Joker had laced with Smilex. The suit was later stored in a vault in the Batcave.

Suiting up and Destroying Axis Chemicals Edit

The suit was used again when Bruce suited up into Batman and drove the Batmobile to Axis Chemicals in an attempt to destroy Joker's production of Smilex. While the entire facility was destroyed, Joker was not in the building at the time and he escaped on a helicopter taunting Batman as he left.

Flying the Batwing Edit

Batman was still wearing the suit when he flew the Batwing into Downtown Gotham towards the 200th Anniversary Parade that Joker was having. He used it to save the Gotham citizens from the balloons that was filled with Smilex gas. He then flew the Batwing at Joker until the Clown Prince Of Crime used a long barreled gun to shoot down the Batwing causing it to crash into the steps of the Gotham Cathedral.

Confronting Joker Edit

The suit was shown to be heavily damaged after the crash of the Batwing into the Cathedral. A badly injured Batman followed Joker and Vicki up to the top of the belfry where he battled Joker's remaining thugs. Using his extendable gauntlet he knocked down a thug that attempted to double stab him. Batman then confronted the Joker and repeatedly punched him. Joker attempted to punch Batman but his body armor prevented him from being harmed. When he and Vicki were left dangling from the roof Joker attempted to escape on a helicopter ladder but Batman fires his bolo at Joker which wraps itself around Joker's leg and to a stone gargoyle. This caused Joker to fall to his death.

Looking up at the Bat-Signal Edit

Batman later sent a letter to the police promising to defend Gotham whenever crime strikes again. Gordon then reveals that he gave them a signal which is a searchlight logo with a bright light in the background if he is needed. The suit was shown to be repaired at the end when Batman is seen looking up at the signal while standing on a pillar.

Behind the ScenesEdit


One of the early designs by Bob Ringwood.

Design conceptEdit

Costume designer Bob Ringwood found it difficult designing the Batsuit because "the image of Batman in the comics is this huge, big six-foot-four hunk with a dimpled chin. Michael Keaton is a guy with average build", he stated.[1]


The cowls and bodysuits were sculpted by Vin Burnham.


The capes were made by "rubber specialist" Paul Barrett-Brown.


The chest emblems and buckles were created in aluminum by Tony Dunsterville, then molded in silicone and finally cast in epoxy resin.[2]


Paul Barrett-Brown also made the belts. The belt itself was made out of a material used to mend baggage carousels at airports.[3]


Nike made the boots based on Air Trainer III. The boots they sent featured a bright yellow swoosh logo which was painted over in black.

Legacy Edit


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