2nd generation batsuits on display in the armory vault.


Additional torso armor in storage

The second variation of the many batsuits worn by Bruce Wayne. By this this time he began to mass produce spares of the same suit. It also noticeably bares less of a resemblance to human anatomy, as all other variations of the standard suit do.

Despite a more heavily armored look elsewhere, it was the first suit to lack the metal plates on the gauntlets, and the last to feature shin guards on the boots. The original brass utility belt was still worn on this suit.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Design concept and sculptEdit


Early builds had the original bat-emblem on the chest

The costume's overall design and construction was overseen by Bob Ringwood and Mary Vogt. The body was sculpted by Steve Wang and the cowl by Jose Fernandez. Vin Burnham and Paul Barrett-Brown also returned as advisors. Several alternate cowl designs were done by Steve Wang, some of which were used on stuntsuits sculpted by Alli Eynon.

Nike footwearEdit

The boots were made by Nike once again, this time based on Air Jordan VI.

Returns Batman Poster Art

The Batman character poster art


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