Barbara Wilson
Aliases: Batgirl
Family: Alfred Pennyworth (uncle)
Appeared In: Batman & Robin
Played by: Alicia Silverstone
Barbara Wilson
"Men, always doing things the hard way."

Barbara Wilson is Alfred Pennyworth's niece. She later adopted the Batgirl vigilante persona and became Batman's second sidekick after Robin.


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Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the comics, the character is Commissioner Gordon's daughter and named Barbara Gordon, rather than Alfred's niece, like in the film.
  • Her costume varies significantly from traditional versions, with no yellow coloring and a domino mask, also like Robin's instead of a cowl. She also has blonde hair instead of red hair. However, during the film's climax, she, Batman, and Robin wear silver riding costumes to protect them from Mr Freeze's ice. *The Batgirl costume is later repainted and used by Diana Myers who plays Barbara Gordon/Oracle for the short-lived Birds of Prey TV series.


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