A pair of Bat-Cuffs on display in the vault's armory.

Bat-Cuffs are the unique type of handcuffs used by Batman. It is unknown if there is anything special about the way they function or what type of alloy they are made of.


Batman nor his allies Robin or Batgirl have ever been known to actually use Bat-Cuffs on the field.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Design & FabricationEdit

The Bat-Cuffs were conceptually designed by Chris Ross, who also oversaw the construction of the props, which are completely functional.


The Cool Issue

Val Kilmer posed with Bat-Cuffs for Entertainment Weekly.

A portion of one the Bat-Cuffs props made the cover of Entertainment Weekly's "cool issue" next to the visage of Val Kilmer.



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