The current Batcomputer setup

The Batcomputer is the computer system used by Batman, Alfred, Robin and Batgirl. It is located in the Batcave.


Original computerEdit

Batman (1989)-batcomputer

Bruce uses the computer to observe The Joker's challenge

Bruce Wayne has been using this tool in the Batcave since he began his crimefighting crusade. Prior to this it was one of the first manifestations of his paranoia, used to monitor security cameras all over the estate, inside and out.

The first known usage was reviewing what Commissioner Gordon discussed with patrolman Robert before abruptly leaving the Save the Festival party. The mic picked up Robert's knowledge that Jack Napier would be "cleaning out" Axis Chemicals that evening and that the corrupt Lt. Eckhardt would be overseeing the GCPD's operation to thrawt it.

Later, after Napier was transformed into the Joker, Bruce used the computer to test tainted beauty & hygiene products, such as bottles of Dial. The computer's analysis was vital in cracking the mystery. Finally, after Bruce used the computer to observe the Joker's final challenge to him, he realized that Napier killed his parents years ago.

Second setupEdit


The control consoles and monitors were later spread further apart and expanded. Many monitors still displayed security feeds of the property as before.

The first known usage was sorting through Gotham Globe articles on Red Triangle Circus and their decline in public favor. Later Bruce managed to damage Penguin's campaign for Mayor via frequency interference by playing a recording in which Penguin was insulting the citizens of Gotham. Alfred later used similar functions to redirect the Penguin Commandos away from Gotham Plaza.

Third setupEdit

The third setup was the first to have a main monitor behind a large Batemblem in the Batcave. Bruce used the smaller monitors on the control console to watch Chase Meridian flutter her hair in slow motion during this time.

This large Batemblem monitor was ultimately destroyed by the Riddler, paving the way for the latest version.

Current setupEdit


Barbara communicates with Alfred's brain algorithms

The current setup's first known usage was for research the life of Victor Fries and his wife, Nora.

Unsure of his fate due to illness, Alfred programed his brain algorithms into the Batcomputer and created a virtual simulation of himself.

Behind the ScenesEdit


  • The computer chair in the first movie was modified from the leftover APC command chair in Aliens, also shot at Pinewood Studios.
  • In the video game Batman & Robin, exists several Batcomputers hidden throughout Gotham City. These serve as both a gameplay tool and an in-game save menu.



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