Bruce Wayne
Aliases: Batman
The Bat
The Dark Knight[1]
Family: Thomas Wayne (father, deceased)
Martha Wayne (mother, deceased)
Occupation: CEO of Wayne Enterprises
Vigilante (in secret)
Appeared In: Batman
Batman Returns
Batman Forever
Batman & Robin
Played by: Michael Keaton
Val Kilmer
George Clooney
Bruce Wayne
"You see, I'm both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Not because I have to be. Now... because I choose to be."

Bruce Wayne is a billionaire from Gotham City, CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He became Batman in response to the sudden and brutal murder of his parents by the gangster Jack Napier when he was ten. He sees himself as the protector of Gotham, aiming to clean up the city's crime and corruption while bringing its criminals to justice by any means necessary. One of his first enemies was Napier, who Batman accidentally transformed into the far more dangerous "The Joker". Battling against the Joker's plan to poison Gotham with "Smylex", they had a final confrontation in which the Joker fell to his death- avenging Batman's parents.

Over the years to come, Batman would fight many other eccentric criminal masterminds, including the monstrous Penguin, the seductive Catwoman, the twisted Two-Face, the manic Riddler, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. In the course of these events, Batman found a crime-fighting partner in Dick Grayson, who became Robin, and another ally in Alfred's niece Barbara Wilson, who became Batgirl. He also seemed to come to terms with his parents' deaths, seeming to enjoy his role as Batman.


Early LifeEdit

Bruce Wayne had been born to wealthy but civic-minded parents in 1955. The noble Doctor Thomas Wayne and the philanthropic Martha Wayne had worked tirelessly to reverse Gotham City's urban decline, and had become renown for their glittering charity fundraisers and their support of initiatives to stimulate the city's growth as a place without crime and poverty. 

In 1963, on one cold late October night when he was ten years old, Bruce urged his parents to take him to see a movie  and his father gave in. The family went to the Monarch Theatre to see Footlight Frenzy.

Bruce staring down the barrel of Napier's pistol

Bruce staring down the barrel of Napier's pistol

After the movie, his father had decided they should walk for a bit before taking a cab back to Wayne Manor. The family happily walked down the sidewalk and it wasn't long before his mother had noticed someone following them. Attempting to evade the followers, who turned out to be two hoodlums, Bruce and his parents found themselves cornered in a dead-end alley as the hoods, on orders to kill the Waynes due to their meddling in mafia affairs, confronted them. One of them goes up to them and tore Martha's pearl necklace off of her neck, and Thomas struggled with that thug.  The second hoodlum pulled out a gun and shot down Thomas. Martha screamed, and she was then shot down by the same thug. As the first hoodlum that Thomas had struggled with began to run away, the second with the gun approached Bruce, saying, "Tell me kid.... you ever dance with the Devil by the pale moon light?" The hoodlum with the gun came out of the shadows wearing a wide, demented, devilish grin that Bruce would never forget. The cops could be heard coming and the first hoodlum shouted, "Oh, Man, let's go!" Just as the second cocked the gun, he then turned upon hearing, "Let's go, Jack!" Jack then turned back to Bruce and said, "See you around, kid", and began to walk away, leaving Bruce alone in the alley. 


A photo of Bruce Wayne with Gordon and other GCPD officers at the scene of his parents' murder.

Little did he know that his prediction would come true -- that he and Bruce would meet again. Bruce went down on his knees between the dead bodies of his loving parents and began to cry. He prayed that he would eradicate crime from Gotham's streets so that no one else would suffer the same pain. Beat cop Jim Gordon was the first official on the scene and attempted to console Bruce, but to no avail.


Bruce find a cave.

On the night of his parents' wake, the priest's words gave the distraught Bruce no comfort. Bruce walked over to his father's desk and noticed a red leather book lying on it. It was his father's journal. His father had written in it every day in his life, but now the journal will never be finished. Bruce took the red journal and ran out into a powerful storm. He fell in to a centuries old cave. When he got up he looked forward and saw a figure approaching him in the darkness. It was a giant bat. Bruce was at first scared but then decided to take that image and put fear into the hearts of those who did evil and criminals.

When Bruce grew up, he studied combat, science, psychology, and criminology. With the assistance of his butler and guardian, Alfred Pennyworth, he developed new technologies and weapons in the "bat caves" beneath Wayne Manor, and a new persona for himself -- that of "the Batman," a frightening, phantom-like vigilante whose self-appointed mission was to lurk the darkened streets of Gotham, meting out rough justice to criminals.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Acrobatics:[1] Batman's agility is comparable to that of an Olympic gymnast.
  • Computer Hacking:[1] A master in the use of high-level technology.
  • Gadgetry:[1] In combat, Batman uses an arsenal of non-lethal weapons and devices of his own creation.
  • Martial Arts:[1] Having trained his entire life in fighting arts and constantly engaging in battle with various foes, Batman has earned a reputation as one of the world's best fighters.
    • Jujutsu[50]
    • Kung Fu[51]
  • Indomitable Will:[1] Although he has no superhuman powers, Batman's unstoppable determination and strength of will make him an extremely formidable opponent. This makes him able to function while tolerating massive amounts of physical pain,
  • Intimidation
  • Interrogation:[1] As a vigilante and detective, Batman extracts information from his enemies through intimdation and strength.
  • Investigation:[1] He has earned a reputation as the World's Greatest Detective.
  • Stealth:[1] Batman can infiltrate high-security facilities without raising suspicions or getting captured.
  • Throwing[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Leadership
  • Genius Level Intellect
    • Eidetic Memory
  • Marksmanship
  • Peak Human Condition
  • Businessman Management
  • Prestidigitation
  • Disguise
  • Driving
  • Aviation
  • Escapology: Batman was taught the arts of escapism by Zatara.
  • Multilingualism: Known to be fluent in French, German, Kaznian and Spanish.
  • Singing
  • Swordsmanship
    • Fencing[56]
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Ventriloquism: Learned the basics from Zatara.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Heart Condition: In the future, Bruce has an illness that prevents him from doing any serious exercise. He requires rest and his medicine after doing anything tiring.
  • Restricted Mobility: Also in his elderly age, Bruce requires a cane to walk around, unable to on his own anymore.

Paraphernalia Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Batsuit
  • Grapple Gun
  • Utility Belt
    • Smoke Pellets
    • Toxic Gas
    • Air Filter
  • Batrope
  • Kryptonite
  • Batcomputer: A computer capable of analyzing every sort of evidence from crime scenes. It contains a massive information database on criminal records and general iformation. The batcomputer was always upgraded to the latest technology developments and even much more capable that most of the computers on the year 2040.

Transportation Edit

  • Batmobile
    • First Batmobile: Batman's first Batmobile was an adapted car of his own design.
    • Second Batmobile: After the first car broke down, Batman acquired the services of Earl Cooper, a car designer who had been fired for whistle-blowing, to design him a new one.
    • Third Batmobile: An upgraded version of the second one after its destruction at the hands of the Penguin.
    • Fourth Batmobile: Also known as the KnightStriker, the fourth Batmobile served Batman during his years in the Justice League.
    • Fifth Batmobile: A flying Batmobile, primarily used by his successor to the mantle, Terry McGinnis.
  • Batwing
    • First Batwing: A sleek experimental flying wing.
    • Second Batwing: A more conventionally shaped fighter jet. He made spares; several of them were destroyed in battle.
    • Third Batwing: During his later years in the Justice League, Batman designed a more futuristic jet that was up-to-date with the latest aeronautical innovations.
  • Batplane
  • Batboat
  • Bat-Copter
  • Javelin: During his years in the Justice League, Batman would occasionally travel in one of the League's Javelins rather than his own vehicles.

Weapons Edit

  • Batarangs
    • Conventional: Designed to incapacitate, disarm foes
    • Exploding: Demolish obstacles/walls, handle opponents with greater durability than normal humans
    • Electric: Electrocute/stun opponents, disable electrically sensitive beings.
  • Bolas: Weighted cables designed to restrain foes

Behind the ScenesEdit

Keaton as Batman

Keaton as Batman.


"Keaton's hero is dark, mysterious and melancholy--"the way I created Batman in 1939""
Bob Kane
  • In the script of the first film, Batman is referred to or described with such words as the Bat, Black Apparition, Black Figure, Human Bat and Black Spectre.

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  1. It is mentioned in Batman Forever

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