The Mark I wast last seen during the Cobblepot campaign era

The Mark I Batmobile was the Batman's original Batmobile. The Mark I was an all-black armored transport with heavy artillery weapons, much like the original Batwing. At first Batman often simply referred to this Batmobile as "the car".

Years later a redesigned version was created with the organic "ribs" motif, exposed innards aglow with blue neon to match the Mk II Batwing.



"The Car" parked outside Flugelheim Museum

We first see the Batmobile when Batman comes to rescue Vicki Vale from the Joker and his henchmen outside of the Gotham Museum of Art. The two then escape in the Batmobile and Batman drives them to the Batcave, where he then gives the secret of the Joker's chemical combinations to Vicki. The Batmobile's next appearance is when Batman sends the car into Axis Chemicals on autodrive, and has it drop explosives inside, destroying the factory.

In Batman Returns, the Batmobile also had a secondary mode referred to as the "Batmissile", where the wheels would retract inward and the sides of the vehicle would break off, converting the car into a thin bullet train-like form capable of squeezing through tight alleyways. This comes after Batman is framed by the Penguin and Catwoman for kidnapping and murder. In the process, Batman finds himself trapped in the Batmobile under Penguin's control.

Although Bruce Wayne later repaired and restored the Batmobile, he would eventually quit actively using this Batmobile, and go on to use at least two different models in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, respectively.

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Most sources attribute the design soley to production designer Anton Furst, though the dvd features mention a sculptor that created the black maquette of the final design.


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