The Mark II Batmobile is Batman's second Batmobile.

Features Edit

  • Camera Recorder
  • Controller switches
  • Shifter
  • Grapple


After he replaced the previous Batmobile that he used in his battles against the Joker and Penguin, Batman took that model Batmobile out to confront Two-Face as he held up the Second National Bank of Gotham.

While he patrolled Gotham City's streets, Batman was ambushed by Two-Face and his thugs. While he escaped the initial attack, Two-Face's Thugs gave chase in their own cars until Batman turned down an alleyway and, using a grapple system that was built into the Batmobile, ascended the building walls; that allowed him to escape while Two-Face's Thugs crashed into the wall below.

Following Dick Grayson's discovery of the Batcave, Alfred was forced to inform Bruce of the theft of the Batmobile as Grayson had taken the car on a joy-ride through Gotham's streets. As he was already in Gotham, Bruce managed to track down Grayson and apprehended both the youth and the Batmobile, and took both back to the Batcave.

During Two-Face and the Riddler's attack on Wayne Manor, this Batmobile was destroyed along with a majority of the Batcave.