The Batskiboat is a amphibious water vessel used by Batman in his solo years.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Its unknown how or when Bruce used the materials to create the Batskiboat but its design was based on the batmissile. Batman would use the vehicle for water travel conditions.

Reaching Penguin's Lair Edit

Batman used the Batskiboat to travel through Gotham's sewers to reach Penguin's lair having Alfred use the Ice Penguins to move above ground. The Penguins had missiles attached to their backs one of them fired on the Baskiboat which Batman avoided when he maneuvered the boat into a spin to dodge the missile.

Outside Gotham Zoo Edit

When he came to the entrance of Penguin's lair, Batman decided to move up to the surface of the Gotham Zoo instead so when Penguin attempted to escape with his duck vehicle, Batman flew through the ice block and crashed into the duck vehicle knocking off the head. He emerged from the Batskiboat and searched the duck vehicle for Penguin who seemed to have disappeared after the crash. Penquin attacked Batman and after a brief fight he threw him through the skylight of his lair and caused him to fall into the toxic water.

The Batskiboat was abandoned but a new boat called the Batboat was created and used years later to confront Two-Face and The Riddler on Claw Island.