A row of second generation Batsuits.

The Batsuit is the costume of Batman. Bruce Wayne has designed many different Batsuits, keeping them stored in a large vault in the Batcave. Robin and Batgirl outfit themselves in similar gear.

Initially the suits consisted merely of black tactical armor, they now have tech features of their own integrated with controls on the newer utility belts.


Batman's latest standard Batsuit design

Standard Batsuit variationsEdit

1st Generation BatsuitEdit

2nd Generation BatsuitEdit

3rd Generation BatsuitEdit

4th Generation BatsuitEdit

Specialty BatsuitsEdit


The Batsuits are kept on display in the Batcave.

Behind the ScenesEdit


  • In Watchmen, director Zack Snyder and comic book artist Dave Gibbons choose to parody the molded muscle and nipple Batsuit design from Batman & Robin for the Ozymandias costume. [1]


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