Top view of the Batwing


Side view of the Batwing


Cockpit view, flight control manual

The Mark I Batwing was Batman's original flying vehicle. Much like the original Batmobile, the Batwing was armed with heavy artillery and explosives.

Years later a redesigned version was created with the organic "ribs" motif, exposed innards aglow with blue neon to match the Mk II Batmobile.



It is unknown when Bruce belt the Batwing or how exactly it was constructed.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Conceptual designEdit

David Russell did several unused concepts for the Batwing. It is unknown who did the final design, credit presumably goes to production designer Anton Furst.



Batwing model photo

The construction and filming of the Batwing model was overseen by Derek Meddings.

Cockpit interiorEdit

A full scale cockpit was built to film with Michael Keaton inside. The cockpit was rocked in front of blue screen to achieve the desired effect. B-roll footage of the filming of these shots can be seen in the vintage Making of a Hero documentary.

Full scale crashed BatwingEdit

Steven Begg

Steven Begg inside the full scale crashed Batwing


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