Lee Wallace
Aliases: Mayor Borg
Occupation: Mayor of Gotham City (former)
Played by: Lee Wallace
"Across this nation the words "Gotham City" are synonymous with crime. Our streets are overrun, our public officials are helpless. As mayor, I promise to root out the source of this corruption... Boss Carl Grissom. Now, our new District Attorney, Harvey Dent... will carry out that promise. "
―Mayor Borg[src]

Borg was the Mayor of Gotham City when the first sightings of the Batman were being reported. Borg was hellbent on carrying on with the city's 200th Anniversary Festival despite the threat to public safety during that time.

Mayor Borg worked closely with D.A. Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordon during this time. The goal was to put an end to the Grissom mob before the city's 200th birthday.

Borg was eventually succeeded by Roscoe Jenkins.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • Mayor Borg's first name is unknown.


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