Wolf-La'Moy with Joker Cars at Pinewood.

Christian Wolf-La'Moy was a stunt driver of many of the cars seen in the original Batman.

Wolf-La'Moy is the owner provider of the two Joker Goon Cars used in the film. Wolf-La'Moy also filmed three deleted scenes as the driver of the Joker Van with Jack Nicholson & Tracey Walter.[1]



  1. Chevrolet Step Van (P-20) at - "The Jokers van was one of those off the cuff ideas that script writers come up with during the shoot. It was actually the White Chevrolet Step Van (seen outside the chem plant) re-spayed purple with the great Joker logo. My brother and I worked as driver and supporting actors along side Jack Nicholson and Tracey Walter in 3 scenes using the Jokers van. But alas all ended up on the cutting room floor."

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