Joker Goons firing pistols while riding in one of the cars.

Two Joker Goon Cars were used by Joker's goons.


Behind the ScenesEdit


Wolf-La'Moy with the cars in front of the Monarch Theatre.

The CarsEdit

Two identical Dodge 3700 GTs and one Chevrolet Malibu were provided by Christian Wolf-La'Moy. Wolf-La'Moy acquired the cars in Alicante, Spain.

One of the cars was badly damaged in a stunt while the other is still owned by Wolf-La'Moy to this day.

Promotional material & merchandiseEdit

  • AMT released a model kit of the Joker Goon Car that could alternatively be built as a GCPD cruiser.

Legacy & modern merchandiseEdit

  • AMT has rereleased the same kit with different packaging.
  • In 2013, Johnny Lighting released a unlicensed die-cast car that is obviously based the Joker Goon Cars.


External linksEdit

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