Ninja Wheels are small throwing blades used by Batman. Two were kept in the vault within the Batcave during the early days oh his crime-fighting.



When and how he made his his Ninja Wheels is unknown. It is possible that Wayne was inspired to use such weaponry after his visit to Japan.


Batman has never been known to actually use Ninja Wheels on the field.

Behind the ScenesEdit


In Sam Hamm's drafts, Batman was to use Ninja Wheels to disarm the nameless Grissom thug that held Gordon hostage at gunpoint in the chemical plant.

Design & FabricationEdit

The Ninja Wheels were conceptually designed by someone in the art department headed by Anton Furst, possibly by Furst himself. The props were fabricated by John Evans and his team.



A closer look at the weapons on the vault door was shown in The Making of a Hero.

A closeup shot of the vault door was shown in the Making of a Hero promotional documentary. The documentary has yet to appear in full on any home video release to date. WB has has used short clips from it but always avoid showing these parts in their modern documentaries.

The Ninja Wheels were also shown in trading cards and movie guides.

Legacy & modern merchandiseEdit

  • Silver shuriken that were distinctly different from the standard Batarangs were often used in Batman: The Animated Series, beginning in 1992.
  • In 2009, Hot Toys included two Ninja Wheels with their DX09 Batman figure.


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