Nora Fries
Family: Victor Fries (husband)
Appeared In: Batman & Robin (1997)
Played by: Vendela Kirsebom
"She's still frozen, alive, waiting for you to find a cure."

Nora Fries is Dr. Victor Fries' cryogenically frozen wife. Nora has the most advanced stages of the MacGregor's Syndrome disease, for which there is yet no cure, although Fries has managed to cure the first few stages of the disease where nobody else is even close.

Fries is currently working on finding a cure for her illness while being treated at Arkham Asylum.


Early LifeEdit

Nora Fries had been happily married to Victor Fries. They were both deeply devoted to each other. Victor gave her a special snowflake necklace that she wore around her neck ever since.

Stricken with MacGregor's SyndromeEdit


Mr. Freeze looking at Nora in her frozen slumber

She later developed a rare disease called MacGregor's Syndrome, and Victor cryogenically froze Nora until such a time that a cure had been discovered. Although Victor was able to cure the first few stages of the disease, her condition proved difficult.

It was some time after when Victor began to turn to crime, to steal money and diamonds for his research. Due to Nora's current condition and his own, he began to take a merciless, "cold" philosophy in regards to the lives of others.

Unplugged by Poison IvyEdit

A woman named Poison Ivy, who was infatuated with Mr. Freeze and his outlook, pulled the plug on Nora’s cryogenic tank in an attempt to kill her and have Freeze to herself.

Nora somehow inexplicably survived, and Batman had her tank sent to Arkham Asylum so that Mr. Fries can continue his research.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Nora is a character from a cartoon series created after the Anthology's inception, rather than the actual comics.


External linksEdit

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