Kilmer Kidman-4

Bruce & Chase at the NygmaTech Party.

The NygmaTech Party was a social gathering to celebrate the launch the company and its key product, The Box. The event took place at the Ritz Gotham Hotel.



Gossip Gerty was on hand to cover all of the glamorous arrivals.

Party CrasherEdit

Two-Face, out of patience, decided to enter the party to commit a "old fashioned stick-up" in order to draw Batman out. Spice was at his side as he destroyed the Box display piece his pistols.


The Gotham Globe wrote a cover story on Batman saving the day at the event.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Shooting locationsEdit

The Pantages Theater at 6233 Hollywood Boulevard was used to shoot the actual party. The National Museum of the Native American in Lower Manhattan doubled for the Ritz Gotham hotel exterior.[1]


A trading card was released showcasing a Ralph Nelson production still of the interior.


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