Edward Nygma
Aliases: The Riddler
Appeared In: Batman Forever
Played by: Jim Carrey
"Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who's afraid of the big black bat?"

Edward Nygma is a disgruntled former Wayne Enterprises employee that is currently a patient at Arkham Asylum. After losing his job, he placed the blame on his idol, Bruce Wayne. Inspired by Two-Face, Nygma fashioned himself as the Riddler and turned to crime to gain power and revenge.



Nygma gleefully destroys the Batcave.

Batman ForeverEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jim Carrey

Carrey poses in character in a publicly photo.


  • Robin Williams was being courted for the character before Michael Keaton departed from the project.
  • Michael Jackson had previously opted hard to land the role, but was ignored. Matthew Broderick also expressed interest in the role of the Riddler.
  • In the early drafts of Batman III, the Riddler's real name was Lyle Heckendorf and his corrupt company was called HeckTech. One of the original ideas with Lyle that didn't make it into the movie was a scene at the circus where, in stalking Bruce Wayne, he knocks out a circus employee dressed up as a leprechaun. Lyle takes the leprechaun's clothes, which evolves into the Riddler's trademark look.


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