Ritz Gotham is a large fancy hotel in Gotham City. This is where Edward Nygma chose to hold his Nygmatech Box celebration.


NygmaTech PartyEdit

Alfred chauffeured Bruce Wayne, Chase Meridian and Dick Grayson to the Nygmatech party. Gossip Gerty pestered them again just like at the circus.

Leap from the top of Ritz GothamEdit

After scaling the building's interior Batman quickly made his way to the outside where he spotted Two-Face and his men going into a sewer construction area right outside the building's entrance. This prompted Batman to make a death defying leap from the top of the building to a manhole on the street.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Shooting locationsEdit

The National Museum of the Native American in Lower Manhattan was used as the Ritz Gotham hotel building. The Pantages Theater at 6233 Hollywood Boulevard doubled for the "top floor" to shoot the interior party.[1]


External linksEdit

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