The main emblem that was to be used on most of the various costumes in the film.

"It was called Superman Lives. I was pushing for it to be Superman. I always hated those titles like Batman Forever. I thought, 'Batman Forever, that sounds like a tattoo that somebody would get when they're on drugs or something,' or something some kid would write in the yearbook to somebody else. I have high problems with some of those titles."
Tim Burton[src]

Superman Lives (previously titled Superman Reborn) was another DC superhero film that was to be directed by Tim Burton. Michael Keaton was set to cameo as Bruce Wayne, giving a eulogy at Superman's funeral at one point.[citation needed]

Warner Bros. and Jon Peters aimed to repeat the amount of success they achieved with the original Batman. After Kevin Smith had been hired to write the film, he suggested Burton to direct. Burton was convinced to join the project, but again faced creative difference with Peters. Burton chose the script doctor of Batman Reurns, Wesley Strick, to rewrite Smith's script when he was involved. Strick himself was later replaced by Dan Gilroy.

The film's production later became the subject of the feature length documentary, The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened?

Anthology veterans involvedEdit



Wesley StrickEdit

Dan GilroyEdit

Dan Gilroy was hired by WB to make the script less expensive.[1]



Nicolas Cage wardrobe test, suit sculpted by Jose Fernandez.

Conceptual illustrationEdit

Newcomer illustrators included noted film concept artist Sylvain Despretz and comic book artist Kerry Gammill.

Costume fabricationEdit

A traditional style suit was made for Cage by Jose Fernandez.[2] A regenerating 'K' suit was made by Steve Johnson and his studio. Various other costumes were made, specific individuals involved are unknown.


Superman Lives

A fan made facsimile of a "teaser poster" that was on display at Toyfare '97. It featured a logo concept by Sylvain Despretz.


  • Batman mentioned Superman by name in Batman & Robin, released a year prior to this film's projected release year.
  • Nicholas Cage was wanted by Joel Schumacher for the Scarecrow in the also cancelled Batman Triumphant.
  • Kevin Spacey would eventually play Lex Luthor in 2006's Superman Returns.



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