I've noticed more than a few of the same old blurry screencaps that have been on the Batman wiki for years showing up here. If you don't alreday take screencaps yourself, there is a free program you can get called VLC.

Just hit Shift & S at the same time on the part you want.

It works great, I use it myself. You may have also noticed that I have yet to upload screencaps of cast interviews from movies 3 or 4. This is because I never owned them on DVD. I have the blu ray box set and I currently cannot play blu ray discs on my PC. This is where you guys come in, download VLC and start screencapin' everything in those movies. And if can already take screencaps, shame on you! Why not take your own if you can?

I have some requests:

  • A better pic of Commissioner Gordon from the 4th movie. The current image, taken from is awkward, with a creepy "flashlight under the face" lighting most likely taken for humorous purposes given the movie's reputation.
  • A screencap of Batman activating the fire shield cape thing on his black utility belt in the 3rd movie. All close ups of utility belts in the movie in fact.
  • Screencaps of Alfred and Bruce approaching the Sonar Batsuit and taking the cover off. Close ups of the belt, chest emblem & cowl. Maybe even butt & crotch shots.
  • The part in Forever where Riddler destroys the Batcave, there is a shot of the inside of the Vault with batsuits in display cases. I'd like a better cap of that than the one I found. Any good shots of the vault you can spot.
  • In the 4th movie, after Alfred stops acting like he's not sick when Bruce & Dick leave. He leans against a Batsuit on display, placing his hand on the bat emblem, drawing strength from it. This the single most powerful shot in the series, nowhere to be found on the Internet of course.
  • Shots of Alfred patching Bruce's wounds in movie 3. You know, just for people like Kevin Smith who claim it was never shown or even hinted at like it was in the 2nd one.
  • Interviews with Val and Joel for the DVDs. Producers and such. Deleted scenes, music videos etc.

Also, I've just noticed that a newcomer and I have been given admin status?

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