Brass belt

The original brass utility belt with capsules, used on the 1st and 2nd generation Batsuits.

Black Belt Forever

The black belt on the 3rd generation batsuit.

Black Utility Belt

Bruce Wayne's latest Utility Belt design, similar to the one he designed for the Sonar Batsuit.

Utility Belts are used by Bruce Wayne to store special tools & equipment that aren't already built into the Batsuits. Utility belts are also used by Wayne's partners Dick Grayson and Barbara Wilson.


Brass utility beltEdit

With the original belt Wayne displayed a certain sense of arrogance, with a golden belt to going along with yellow chest emblem.

Black utility beltEdit

Wayne later rethought the belt completely, starting with the color. The black belt was dark as the Batsuit itself, which at this point had a dark bronze color behind the emblem instead of yellow. He could then blend in with the shadows completely.

Sonar utility beltEdit

After the regular Batsuits was destroyed by the Riddler, Wayne used a Sonar prototype utility belt for his Sonar Batsuit. The belt had a dark silver color and the emblem was bronze instead of black.

Current utility beltEdit

After creating his 4th generation Batsuit, Wayne used a fourth utility belt similar to his belt on his Sonar Batsuit. The color of it was Dark black and the bat emblem was black. The design on the emblem was similar to the bronze emblem on his Sonar Batsuit.

Arctic utility belt Edit

This utility belt was a silver belt for Wayne's Ice Covered Sonar Batsuit. Unlike the previous belts, this belt lacked a bat emblem or buckle as it was more magnet like. It also lacked cartridges and capsules as Batman's gadgets are magnetically attached to the belt.


"We didn't like his yellow belt very much. So we made it black. FREAK OUT. Absolute freak out. It's in the fucking newspapers, "he doesn't got a yellow belt!" Straight back, "you've got to revert to a yellow belt on him, they've heard about it and they're very upset." So I said, "brass is yellow. Yellow enough." So we made it brass. All the yellow in Batman became brass. And the Batman fans bought it."
―Anton Furst, 1:23:34[src]



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