Venom is a potently addictive strength-enhancing super-steroid developed by Pamela Isley.


Venom was engineered by Pamela Isley to be injected into plants for the power to defend themselves like animals. Her Wayne Enterprises coworker Dr. Jason Woodrue steals samples of base Venom and reengineers it with steroids and toxins to create a super soldier army of which Bane is the prototype.

Venom appears to have the same physical reaction after injection, but leaves the user mindless and insensate. Venom is also part of Isley's transformation into Poison Ivy, with Isley transforming into her new state after she is thrown into a vat of chemicals that included venom, although she never demonstrates any enhanced strength, relying on Bane to do most of her fighting.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Dr. Jason Woodrue calls Venom his "super soldier serum," a possible reference to the name of the formula used to create Captain America in a similar fashion in the Marvel Comics Universe.

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